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Transcr ipt of Apple CEO Tim Cook"s commencement address at Tulane University


Hello Tulane! Thank you President Fitts, Provost Forman, distinguished faculty, other faculty (laughs), and the entire Tulane family, including the workers, ushers, (and) volunteers who prepared this beautiful space. And I feel duty-bound to also recognize the hard-working bartenders at The Boot. Though they"re not here with us this morning, I"m sure some of you are reflecting on their contributions as well. (The Boot is a popular college bar right next to Tulane"s campus which has been around for decades.)

你好,杜兰大学!感谢菲茨校长、福尔曼教务长、尊敬的教职员工、其他教职员工[笑]以及整个杜兰大家庭,包括为这个美丽的讲堂做准备的工作人员、引座员和志愿者。我觉得我有责任也称赞一下在The Boot工作的辛勤的调酒师。虽然他们今天早上没有和我们在一起,但我相信你们中的一些人也在反思他们的贡献。[The Boot是一家受欢迎的大学酒吧,紧挨着杜兰大学校园,已经存在了几十年了。]

And just as many of you have New Orleans in your veins, and perhaps your livers, some of us at Apple have New Orleans in our blood as well. When I was a student at Auburn, the Big Easy was our favorite getaway. It"s amazing how quickly those 363 miles fly by when you"re driving toward a weekend of beignets and beer. And how slowly they go in the opposite direction. Apple"s own Lisa Jackson is a proud Tulane alum. Yes. She brought the Green Wave all the way to Cupertino where she heads our environment and public policy work. We"re thrilled to have her talent and leadership on our team.

就像你们中很多人的血管里也许还有肝脏里有新奥尔良一样,我们苹果公司的一些人的血液里也有新奥尔良。当我还是奥本大学的学生的时候,我们最喜欢的度假胜地是Big Easy。非常神奇的是,当你在周末开车驶向这个胜地,想象着甜甜圈和啤酒的时候,363英里的距离似乎一闪而过;而当你返程时,路途却显得那么遥远。苹果的员工丽莎-杰克逊(LisaJackson)是一位令人骄傲的杜兰大学校友。是。她把绿色浪潮一路带到了库比蒂诺,在那里她领导着我们的环境和公共政策工作。我们很高兴她能在我们的队伍中发挥才华和进行领导。

OK, enough about us. Let"s talk about you. At moments like this, it always humbles me to watch a community come together to teach, mentor, advise, and finally say with one voice, congratulations to the class of 2019!


Now there"s another very important group: your family and friends. The people who, more than anyone else, loved, supported, and even sacrificed greatly to help you reach this moment. Let"s give them a round of applause. This will be my first piece of advice. You might not appreciate until much later in your life how much this moment means to them. Or how that bond of obligation, love, and duty between you matters more than anything else.


In fact, that"s what I really want to talk to you about today. In a world where we obsessively document our own lives, most of us don"t pay nearly enough attention to what we owe one another. Now this isn"t just about calling your parents more, although I"m sure they"d be grateful if you did that. It"s about recognizing that human civilization began when we realized that we could do more together. That the threats and danger outside the flickering firelight got smaller when we got bigger. And that we could create more - more prosperity, more beauty, more wisdom, and a better life - when we acknowledge certain shared truths and acted collectively.


Maybe I"m biased, but I"ve always thought the South, and the Gulf Coast in particular, have hung on to this wisdom better than most. (Tim Cook grew up in Robertsdale, Alabama, which is about an hour from New Orleans and is similarly close to the Gulf of Mexico.) In this part of the country, your neighbors check up on you if they haven"t heard from you in a while. Good news travels fast because your victories are their victories too. And you can"t make it through someone"s front door before they offer you a home-cooked meal.


Maybe you haven"t thought about it very much, but these values have informed your Tulane education too. Just look at the motto: not for one"s self, but for one"s own. You"ve been fortunate to live, learn, and grow in a city where human currents blend into something magical and unexpected. Where unmatched beauty, natural beauty, literary beauty, musical beauty, cultural beauty, seem to spring unexpectedly from the bayou. The people of New Orleans use two tools to build this city: the unlikely and the impossible. Wherever you go, don"t forget the lessons of this place. Life will always find lots of ways to tell you no, that you can"t, that you shouldn"t, that you"d be better off if you didn"t try. But New Orleans teaches us there is nothing more beautiful or more worthwhile than trying. Especially when we do it not in the service of one"s self, but one"s own.


For me, it was that search for greater purpose that brought me to Apple in the first place. I had a comfortable job at a company called Compaq that at the time looked like it was going to be on top forever. As it turns out, most of you are probably too young to even remember its name. But in 1998, Steve Jobs convinced me to leave Compaq behind to join a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. They made computers, but at that moment at least, people weren"t interested in buying them. Steve had a plan to change things. And I wanted to be a part of it.


It wasn"t just about the iMac, or the iPod, or everything that came after. It was about the values that brought these inventions to life. The idea that putting powerful tools in the hands of everyday people helps unleash creativity and move humanity forward. That we can build things that help us imagine a better world and then make it real.


There"s a saying that if you do what you love, you"ll never work a day in your life. At Apple, I learned that"s a total crock. You"ll work harder than you ever thought possible, but the tools will feel light in your hands. As you go out into the world, don"t waste time on problems that have been solved. Don"t get hung up on what other people say is practical. Instead, steer your ship into the choppy seas. Look for the rough spots, the problems that seem too big, the complexities that other people are content to work around. It"s in those places that you will find your purpose. It"s there that you can make your greatest contribution. Whatever you do, don"t make the mistake of being too cautious. Don"t assume that by staying put, the ground won"t move beneath your feet. The status quo simply won"t last. So get to work on building something better.


In some important ways, my generation has failed you in this regard. We spent too much time debating. We"ve been too focused on the fight and not focused enough on progress. And you don"t need to look far to find an example of that failure. Here today, in this very place, in an arena where thousands once found desperate shelter from a 100-year disaster, the kind that seem to be happening more and more frequently, I don"t think we can talk about who we are as people and what we owe to one another without talking about climate change.


(applause) Thank you. Thank you.


This problem doesn"t get any easier based on whose side wins or loses an election. It"s about who has won life"s lottery and has the luxury of ignoring this issue and who stands to lose everything. The coastal communities, including some right here in Louisiana, that are already making plans to leave behind the places they"ve called home for generations and head for higher ground. The fishermen whose nets come up empty. The wildlife preserves with less wildlife to preserve. The marginalized, for whom a natural disaster can mean enduring poverty.


Just ask Tulane"s own Molly Keogh, who"s getting her Ph.D. this weekend. Her important new research shows that rising sea levels are devastating areas of Southern Louisiana more dramatically than anyone expected. Tulane graduates, these are people"s homes. Their livelihoods. The land where their grandparents were born, lived, and died.

问问杜兰大学的莫莉·基奥(Molly Keogh)就知道了,她这个周末就要拿到博士学位了。她的一项重要新研究表明,海平面上升对路易斯安那州南部地区造成的破坏比任何人预想的都要严重。杜兰大学的毕业生们,这些地方都是人们的家园、他们的生计、他们祖父母出生、生活和去世的地方。

When we talk about climate change or any issue with human costs, and there are many, I challenge you to look for those who have the most to lose and find the real, true empathy that comes from something shared. That is really what we owe one another. When you do that, the political noise dies down, and you can feel your feet firmly planted on solid ground. After all, we don"t build monuments to trolls, and we"re not going to start now.


If you find yourself spending more time fighting than getting to work, stop and ask yourself who benefits from all the chaos. There are some who would like you to believe that the only way that you can be strong is by bulldozing those who disagree or never giving them a chance to say their peace in the first place. That the only way you can build your own accomplishments is by tearing down the other side.


We forget sometimes that our preexisting beliefs have their own force of gravity. Today, certain algorithms pull toward you the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back. It shouldn"t be this way. But in 2019, opening your eyes and seeing things in a new way can be a revolutionary act. Summon the courage not just to hear but to listen. Not just to act, but to act together.


It can sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against you, that it isn"t worth it, that the critics are too persistent and the problems are too great. But the solutions to our problems begin on a human scale with building a shared understanding of the work ahead and with undertaking it together. At the very least, we owe it to each other to try.


It"s worked before. In 1932, the American economy was in a free-fall. Twelve million people were unemployed, and conventional wisdom said the only thing to do was to ride it out, wait, and hope that things would turn around. But the governor of New York, a rising star named Franklin Roosevelt, refused to wait. He challenged the status quo and called for action. He needed people to stop their rosy thinking, face the facts, pull together, and help themselves out of a jam.

这样的方式在之前曾成功过。1932年,当时的美国经济一落千丈,有1200万人失业。传统观点认为,我们能做的就是撑过这段时间、等待,并希望情况会有所好转。但当时政途冉冉升起的纽约州州长富兰克林o罗斯福(Franklin Roosevelt,后就任美国第32任总统,美国历连任超过两届的总统)拒绝等待。他敢于挑战现状,呼吁采取行动。他呼吁人们停止继续抱有乐观的想法,面对现实、齐心协力,帮助自己摆脱困境。

He said: "The country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it and try another. But above all, try something."


This was a speech to college students fearful about their future in an uncertain world. He said: "Yours is not the task of making your way in the world, but the task of remaking the world."


The audacious empathy of young people, the spirit that says we should live not just for ourselves, but for our own. That"s the way forward. From climate change to immigration, from criminal justice reform to economic opportunity, be motivated by your duty to build a better world. Young people have changed the course of history time and time again. And now it"s time to change it once more.


I know, I know the urgency of that truth is with you today. Feel big because no one can make you feel small. Feel brave because the challenges we face are great but you are greater. And feel grateful because someone sacrificed to make this moment possible for you. You have clear eyes and a long life to use them. And here in this stadium, I can feel your courage.


Call upon your grit. Try something. You may succeed. You may fail. But make it your life"s work to remake the world because there is nothing more beautiful or more worthwhile than working to leave something better for humanity.


Thank you very much, and congratulations class of 2019!



Dear teachers, dear students:

Hello everyone! Today, my topic is "I love reading."

Golgi said, "Im on the book like a hungry man on the bread." We cant go around the world, but, can bring us to every corner of the earth. A classic book is a perfect world. In this world, there are mountains and sea in the classroom; there are clouds and days that are not seen on the playground; there is no color on the blackboard; there are pictures that can not be turned out in the textbooks.

I love reading, and with good books, is a very happy thing. When I got together with my good friends and read a good book, when my mother and I were attracted by the plot in the book, the happiness was that chocolate and Princess skirts were far from being replaced. Having books is like having good teachers and helpful friends. They accompany me, and they make me happy and grow up with me!

I love reading, as Gerd said, "read a good book, and one."


Hello, everyone:

My name is Billy, I am ten years old. I am from Pei Yuan Primary School. Today, I want to introduce my family.

There are three people in my family, my father, mother and I. we live in Yixing.

My father works in the Bank of China. He is busy, so he often gets home very late, but he will come to my bedroom and say “good night” to me everyday whenever how late.

My mother is a beautiful middle-aged woman. She has short hair and wears a pair of glasses. I love my mother, because she does most of the housework in my home and she does everything for me. Every day she spends some time with me on my study. She is a good teacher as well as my dear mother.

I am thin and not tall, but I like sports. I can skate, play badminton and swim. My favorite sport is playing badminton. I usually play it with my mother every Sunday. I believe playing badminton will bring me good health.

This is my family, father, mother and I. I love my family very much, because “be it every so humble, there is no place like home.”

At last I am going to sing for everyone, “you are my sunshine.”


Everyone wants success. But what is success? Generally, people think success is a great deal of money, high position, academic achievement, and so on. However, most of these people never really define what success means to them. In my opinion, success is a feeling, which makes you happy and content.

Success is a feeling, that means success is not considered as big or small, high or low. It is just a good mood from your heart. Maybe passing a final test is a success for a student, learning to walk is a success for a little child, marrying a beautiful girl is a success for a lad, signing a contract is a success for a company. Success varies from individual to group.

Success is a feeling, that means success is changing since your childhood. While you were a little child, you thought it was a success that your parents finally bought you lovely toys after you begged again and again. Success is the feeling you had when you were told that you won the contest. After graduation, you started working.

you were successful when you finished a complicated task very well and you were praised. When married, maybe a happy marriage and a happy family meant success for you. When your child grew up, you hoped he or she attend a famous university or go abroad to study or work, at that time you considered that was your success. When you were old enough and couldn"t work at all, success was a feeling that your children and grandchildren came to see you from a long distance. Actually, success always accompanied you in your growth.

However, we have to admit that you can"t be successful all the time. We always meet many difficulties on the way to success. The more difficult it is, the much happier we are when we succeed.

To be successful, we should have a clear aim and then try our best to reach it. Wherever you go, whatever you are, your success belongs to yourself. It is a good feeling that you love it very much, and it really can make you laugh from the heart.


Dear students,

Our way of life is always sunny, blue skies, which in theend the most dazzling ray of sunlight? it was said to be excellent academicperformance, it was said to be given to help others ... ... and i think that ourway of life of the most pilliant sunshine should be reported to belong to thetemple map, help us to grow thanks to everyone. yes, the institute ofthanksgiving is a feeling, the institute of thanksgiving, but also acharacter.

As teachers and our students, the most important gratitude is a school.schools to give us a big growth stage of life: pight and spacious classrooms,new desks and chairs, air-conditioned and well-being, as well as multi-mediafacilities, has provided us with an attractive learning environment. read onebook pight and clean rooms, provides us with knowledge of the marine tour; flatbeautiful big playground, provided us with a good place for the exercise, andpottery room, computer room, dance room, multi-purpose hall, and so on, noschool is not out of devotion to our selfless love!

However, in these beautiful places, often with some notes of discord. readbooks in one room, some students read the book, abandonment, i do not know theoriginal release, there is more tear, using the phenomenon of the book; when thered and green and white artificial big playground to open it selfless empace,and some of the scenes of discord hurt our eyes: a wide range of confetti,colorful tang zhi, and scattered in all corners of the shell seeds, chewing gum,etc. the list goes on of these!

Students, please put your hand on his chest ask ourselves: "i do athanksgiving school?

Students, let us now work together, with their good health habits to schoolthanksgiving, thanksgiving, so that the flowers on campus and open morebeautiful.