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Life is an endless voyage, as there"s no destination in our life. Life is also very fickle, since anything may happen in our life.

We may be successful or defeated at any time.

Sometimes, I have the feeling that I was successful, but that happiest time has already passed away.

Sometimes, I feel as if I went to the end of my life, but after a long tour, I find I have a long way to go. I always miss myself in this endless road and I feel very lonely. But in this loneliness, there"s nothing to fear.

So I have learned to grow up. I have learned to hold back my tears. I have learned to smile to others.

I"m not defeated. However hard the situation is, I will never give up! However hard the situation is, I will never say I can"t! However hard the situation is, I will never stop running! Never!












Dear editor,


I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we have had about whether an entrance fee should be charged for parks. Sixty percent of my schoolmates are for the idea that an entrance fee should not be forced on the public. They believe parks are the place where the public enjoy themselves at their leisure. They think that a gate and walls are to be built if an entrance fee is to be charged. The city will not look so beautiful as it should have. Forty percent of my schoolmates are for the idea that an entrance fee is OK, but it shouldn’t be out of control. Entrance fee can be used to pay the gardeners and buy new types of flowers and trees. For myself, I’d like to say that if we all work hard to build our city into a flower garden, who cares about the entrance fee for parks?


Yours truly,


Li Hua



What impresses me most in Beijing is the Great Wall which is one of the greatest projects in the world. It"s not only the cultural heritage, but also a symbol of China.

“It"s glorious.” I think. It looks like a big dragon running across the mountainous area. It starts Shanhaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west.

It"s so long that nobody can walk from the beginning to the end.

It was firstly built in Qin Dynasty and prolonged in Ming and Qing dynasties.

It was used to protect the enemies from invading in the past, but now it has become the place of interest which attracts so many tourists both at home and abroad.

When I was standing on the top of the Great Wall, I felt as if I were in ancient days. I could see many laborers working very hard.

How could they finish this extremely difficult task by hand?







Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .

In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents.This money is given to children for good luck .People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .




Now, I’m working in a water factory. My duty is to operate the machines. I"m always so busy with my work.

In order to get a decent wage, I have to work ten hours a day or fourteen hours a night. It seems so tiring, but I think this is the most suitable job for me, for I have the strong responsibilities.

Every day, I come to my workplace with a smile and get off work happily. My colleagues are very kind to me.

They always teach me some important work skills. And they are willing to help me when I have difficulties.

Although I make mistakes sometimes, they still offer their helpful hands to me, so I can work with them very well.

At last, I"m happy to work, because happiness comes from hard work.




每天我都是面带微笑的上班,开开心心的下班。我的同事都对我很好。他们总是教我一些重要的工作技能。 在我遇到困难时,他们都很乐意帮助我。虽然有时我会犯错误,但他们是愿意帮助我,所以我能和他们很好的在一起工作。




today’s weather very good,god deliberately arranged. this particular day,blue skies,the number of words happy mother‘s day reverberated in the ears.

from early in the morning,i mope,because it can not think of what gift to give mother. later,i came up with in my opinion the best gift for mother. first to see mother,i sang loudly: mother,mother‘s day happiness! the world is only a good mother,there is the mother of the child as-bao block. singing,leaves itself a son and mother’s arms,dropped into the embrace of mother,and ultimately,happy … … mother died in iraq last year,with deep feeling with me,staring at me,eyes full of love and caress. looked thoughtful,i grew up my mother smile … …

mother,in fact,you know,daughter wanted to tell you there is worth a thousand words,but there are also all into this beautiful melody,which beat notes the go. here not only has his daughter’s aspirations,more daughters are infinite gratitude to you,sincere love.

people will have a total support of our total love for us there is a touching,heartbreaking. ah! mother,you like an umbrella,an umbrella unusual. summer,for me keep off the sun,winter,let me escape the harsh wind and snow.

if you love the sun,let you love your mother,because there is no ray of sunshine than the warmth of maternal love; if you love wind,let you love your mother,because there is no more than a gentle breeze gentle motherly love … … … if you love,please you love your mother,because all the world than maternal love everything tenacity,great,honest … …



妈妈,其实您知道的,女儿有千言万语想要对您说,然而,也全部溶入到这美妙的旋律,跳动 的音符当中去了。这里不仅有女儿的心声,的是女儿对您无限的感激,真挚的爱。




if you ask me something about my happiest time, i"ll answer like this.

i don"t know exactly about my happiest time, because every day i"m living is the happiest time for me. i always keep a good mood. every day i"m happy at work. when i"m at work, i always do my best, so my boss is satisfied with me. i get on well with my colleagues as well, since i"m always willing to help them. no wonder i have so many friends. that is to say, i am happy when i am working.

what"s more, my best friends phillip and oscar always speak english with me. every time, they bring me a very big surprise. they help me a lot. thanks to their help, my oral english is getting better and better. i don"t know how to appreciate them. keeping learning makes me happy, too.





the ancient said the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

i like travel, because travel not only allows me to enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also brings me knowledge and exercise. beautiful sceneries make me impressed and friendly people make me warm. travel is a process of discovery of beauty that would company my whole life. i like the feeling on the road, which greatly enrich my life and fields of vision. being to different places,

seeing different views makes me know how big the world is, so that i won’t bother my trifles. i think a broad mind is extremely important to a person, and traveling is a good way to get it. maybe some people would say that i travel just because i want to relax. there’s no doubt about that. no matter for what reason, traveling is attractive to us all.





There are a lot of difference between newspaper and information on internet. One of important things is that it is not convenient to save and look up information on newspaper, while the information on internet is easier to save. Another important thing is that you must pay some money for reading any newspaper. But you can get information on internet without paying. The third main difference is there are a lot of specific experts editing newspaper. By contrast, anyone can claim their ideas on internet freely.


But there are still some same things between these. At the beginning with, they all concentrate the latest news. The second is both of them has attractive title and colorful pictures. Finally, they all get profit by publishing advertisement.


Summarily, in my opinion, the information on internet is more helpful for me.



I am not a brave girl, I am afraid of losing face in front of my friends and parents, so I always let the chance go and refuse to try. Once, I have a chance to take a performance in the Christmas show, but thinking about if I performed badly, all my friends would laugh at me, so I gave up the chance. But now, I am tired of letting so many chances to go, I want to try, after seeing my friends take all the chances to try, I am not going to be the outsider all the time, I want to live my own life and make some differences. People say failure is not terrible, the unforgettable thing are to lose the courage to try and then making all kinds of excuses. Let’s take out our courage and do what we want to do.




When talk about the sport, I will feel very excited, because I like sport so much, I love playing tennis, it is my favorite sport. I remember one day when I came home after school, I opened the TV and watched a tennis match. At first, I was caught by the beautiful tennis women players, they wore the beautiful outfits, when I had been watching for ten minutes, I found the match was so excellent, from then on, I started to watch tennis match. I have learned the tennis, I will call my friends to play with me when I have time. Now I am a big fan of the tennis match, I will watch the tour matches once I am free. My love to tennis is more than I could express, I am so lucky to have some friends who share the same interest with me.



There have been a lot of ways of acquiring knowledge. And the number is increasing unexpectedly owing to the popularization of modern mass media.


However, reading books has always been the major and convenient approach to knowledge. One may acquire most of his knowledge through reading books, since they can be carried easily and read leisurely everywhere at any time. Another equally important means of acquiring knowledge is through practice, especially learning from others. It is unlikely for a person to get all-round knowledge by merely reading books. As a matter of fact, genuine knowledge comes from practice.


Although books and practice are indispensable to the enrichment of one’s knowledge, other means shouldn’t be turned aside. With the development of IT industry, people tend to hunt for knowledge by means of Internet. Internet is changing people’s traditional approaches to knowledge. It has found its way into every field of the world.



Every year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a festival for American and Canadian with the purpose of thanks for harvest. While canadians celebrate on the second Monday of October.

I have a penfriend in America. He wrote to me his Thanksgiving Day last year. He told me that it was a time for family reunion. Families would come back home to celebrate the festival together. Most of the time it was his mother who prepared the dinner. Turkey is must for the festival. It looks like huge chicken.

His mother also made pumpkin pie and many other delicious food for them. After the dinner, they talked with each other with the old thing or the future plan. He said sometimes they would invite some friends to share the happiness of Thanksgiving Day.

In a word, he had a great time on Thanksgiving Day.




As the most important festival in China since ancient times, the Spring Festival is always being excepted by we kids. Because we don"t need to do any homework during this time very year.It"s really a precious holiday for us. And our parents are free from their work too. We go to our grandparents" to get together with them to enjoy the moment when the new year comes.

Although the Spring Festival is only 15 days, if the Spring Festival can be longer, I will be more happy.




There are many festivals in China,During these holidays, my favorite holiday is Chinese New Year.Not only because it’s the biggest festival in the year, but also because it’s a new beginning that brings hope to people and it’s time for family gathering.Before the festival, people come home no matter where they are.Usually, we have a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. And then families sit together and share their lives or planes.Some will play games or hang out to have some fun.

On the New Year’s Day, people get up early and say good words to anyone they meet.Children can get lucky money from relatives.In the following days, we will visit relative’s home and bring New Year’s wishes to them.In short, it’s a time for family gathering and all of us enjoy it.




安妮海瑟薇 Anne Hathaway

When I was in primary school, my English teacher showed us a movie in the class. The story told about an ordinary girl turned out to be a princess and she had to learn how to be a princess. It was such a funny film, we laughed happily. I was so impressed by the actress Anne Hathaway, she was not only beautiful, but she was also played so well. Since then, I watch many of her films. Hathaway proves herself, she tells people that she is a good actress. People are easily attracted by her perfect outlook and ignore her hard-working at the beginning, but now they have seen her ability. The movies that Hathaway plays are the hot movies, she is becoming more and more popular. Every time when I see her new movie, I will be very excited and she never lets her fans down.



Though we are told that alcohol is dangerous, especially driving a car after drinking alcohol, we can see the news about car accidents because of the driver drinking alcohol everyday, still people ignore the danger of drinking alcohol. Life is precious, no one will take responsibility of our lives except ourselves. Drinking too much will do harm to our body, even if you don’t cherish your life, while when you drive the car after drinking, you will take away other people’s lives. That is unforgivable, people have a happy family, they die because of your careless driving, and you will never have a chance to make up. Our government is very strict to the driver, the law clearly claims that drinking driver will be heavily punished. In order to make sure other people’s safety, we should not drive the car after drinking alcohol, or we ask friends to take us home.




性别比例失衡 Gender Imbalance

It has been long recognized that the population between men and women lost balance, especially in the future, this problem will be more obvious. The result is that more men are thought to be the leftover men, which means being the bachelors. The root of this problem traces back from the traditional culture.


In the old days, men were meant to everything, they were the most important person in the family. They raised the family, what’s more, it was believed that only men had the right to make a deal. So women were in the very low status, they did not make a big difference in the society. Every family at that time only wanted to have boys, so some babies girls were even killed when they gave birth, how cruel it was.


As the traditional idea have been implanted in people’s mind deeply, so even the government tried hard to advocate the equality between men and women, still some families only want to have boys. Education plays the very important role in improving the young generation’s mind. The gender imbalance can be reduced by educating the next generation.