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万圣节,在每年的11月1日,是西方的传统节日;而万圣节前夜的10月31日是这个节日最热闹的时刻 。在中文里,常常把万圣节前夜(Halloween)讹译为万圣节(AllSaints"Day)。以下是小编整理的读后感的高中英语作文锦集六篇,欢迎阅读与收藏。

第一篇: 读后感的高中英语作文

“Mom always said life is just like a box of chocoles. You"ll never know what you gonna get.”

Ever find the grind of life getting you down? Is the day-to-day struggle threatening to drag you under? If so, there is a movie out there that can replenish your energy and refresh your outlook. Passionate and magical, Forrest Gump is a tonic for the weary of spirit. For those who feel that being set adrift in a season of action movies is like wandering into a desert, the oasis lies ahead.

Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person can"t be successful in doing anything. But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success, he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire!

In the contention of the best picture of the 67th Oscar Award in 1995, film Have got six Grand Prixes , such as the best picture , the best actor , the best achievement in directing , adapting drama , the best achievement in film editing and the best visual effect bestly ,etc. at one blow . The film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U.S.A."s life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U.S.A. from one unique angle. Film adapt Winston novel of the same name of Groom since.

Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping one"s word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film. In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has become the degenerate symbol. And write the great discrepancy originally in this. To all that narrated, since beginning all behave with a kind of tender feeling and well-meaning attitude after all for the film, having even joined poesy composition, this makes the film seem soft and have no injury. The film advocates to traditional moral concept and embodiment. Make film apt to accept by people, director superb lay out skill and film application of language make the film very attractive too. Success with commercial for film content of the film has given security, and the treatment on director"s art makes the film more excellent, this is reason that the film succeeds. It was the box-office hits the most in that year to become U.S.A. in < Forrest Gump>.

Tom Hanks very much sincere naturally performance having among film. He has obtained the laurel of the best actor of Oscar for the behavior in this film. This second movie emperor"s money already whom he obtained in succession looks like. Success of < Forrest Gump>, make Tom Hanks become one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood too. To Tom Hanks, those two years are the luckiest period of time in his performing art careers .

第二篇: 读后感的高中英语作文

Carrie was such an ordinary rural girl at the beginning of the story. Sitting on the seat of a bus, she couldn’t help feeling exciting at the sight of the metropolis’ spectacle. She was impressed deeply by large crowd on the avenue, the spacious square or tall buildings.

Far more different from other heroines, Carrie was not a plain pure angel like Snow-white, nor was she brave enough to be a heroine of revolutionist or even a reformer, nor was she so clever as to be a successful career woman who start from scratch.

What attracted her most, after her entering this huge metropolis was the incredible fineries, fashion shoes, smart handbags displaying in the shop windows, the jewellerys shining brightly behind the glass. She dreamed that one day, she could wear all of these, jogging gracefully into the most luxurious hotel with focused sights of admiration.

And this was not merely a dream. Because she had large eyes which can earn others’ sympathy, even love. She had wonderful figure which can win others’ hearts. However, anything she got, anywhere she reached, had not come from her ambition. Things happened, and then she accepted. That’s what she had just done ? just to accept willingly from the bottom of her heart. She was not at all an evil woman who would give anything for the fortune or fame. However, she would give uo something for a better life when her instinct defeated her intellect.

That was Carrie, a girl had her own desire, a human being just like many others in the realistic world.

There’s one sentence written in chapter VIII:” When this jangle of free-will instinct shall have been adjusted, when perfect understanding has given the former the power to replace the latter entirely, man will no longer vary.” However, how many people can go that further.()

And I want to quote another sentence to wind up my essay:

“In Carrie ? as in how many of our wordings do they not? ? instinct and reason, desire and understanding, were at war for the mastery.”

“ Hamlet ” of Shakespear is a clASSical representative work. This book certainly does not have the big difference in the superficial plot with the historical fable, spoke or the Danish prince the story which revenged for the father, in which fills the rank smell of blood violence and dies.Just like the dramatis personae Horatio said: “ you may hear to to rape massacre, the unusual repair behavior, the dark center decision, accidental slaughter, borrows the hand murder , as well as falls into suicide result.” Windingly elects the plot, tightly centers on the revenge to launch. Hamlet Wittenberg hurries back the home in a hurry from Germany, is attends his father"s funeral, enables him to accept, he not catches up with father"s funeral, actually witnessed the mother and the Uncle Claudius" wedding ceremony, this had caused Hamm the Wright suspicion at the heart, added night above meets in the royal palace castle with father"s ghost, the ghost sorrow sued, this pile atrocity was Uncle Hamlet the behavior, and wanted him to revenge for the father.To this, he started the difficult revenge course, launched the life and death contest with Claudius. Finally, sent out sword the revenge to Claudius Hamlet is a man with contradictory,he had many chances to kill Claudius,but he hesitated,which reflects the religious thought poisons.


第三篇: 读后感的高中英语作文

As you know, we always meet all kinds of different troubles in our daily life. Maybe, some urgent matters will make us get a headache, even our good mood.

However, if you read about this book, you will learn how to deal with them. What’s more, the languages are really humorous and I am sure that it fits us to read. The most important point is that you can know more extracurricular knowledge. Besides, you can also find lots of new opinions which you are interested in.

By the way, have you ever listened to a song called 《trouble is a friend》? And there are words of the lyrics are :“He is there in the dark, he is there in my heart, he waits in the winds, he is get to play a part.” So, I think dealing with trouble is necessary.

Therefore, I suppose this book may influence your whole life that become more colorful. For example, a sentence which I enjoy very much is that there are two ways of meeting difficulties, you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.

第四篇: 读后感的高中英语作文


I read the Chinese version of “Camille” a few years ago. At that time I was deeply moved by the main character Marguerite Gautier. “Camille” or “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas, fils, is the story of Marguerite Gautier, a young courtesan, or kept woman, in Paris in the mid 1800"s, and how she falls in love with a young man, Armand Duval, and then tries to escape from her questionable past. Unfortunately, it comes back to haunt her and she ends up returning to that life and dies painfully and alone, but with the knowledge that she was a noble woman at heart. When I first began to read the book, I did not care for Marguerite or her attitude or lifestyle, but as I got further into the narrative, I realized that her saucy attitude was a front to cover the lonely woman that she really was. She felt used, abused and unloved, until the gentle Armand Duval came into her life and showed her that he loved her as a person and not for what she could do for him. It must have taken great courage for Marguerite to leave the life she had lived for so long, knowing all along that it was probably too good to be true and would not last indefinitely. And it also showed that Marguerite really loved Armand Duval for she could even change herself for him.

However, happiness didn’t last for long. When M. Duval, Armand"s father, came to her, pleading for her to leave Armand to save both Armand"s reputation and that of his younger innocent sister, Marguerite saw a way to become pure of heart, if not in body. She felt that it was her duty, because she loved Armand so much, to do this even though it meant giving up her own happiness and hurting Armand temporarily. She reluctantly returned to her former life, knowing that some day Armand would forgive her. Sadly, she died in debt and basically alone, except for her one female friend, Julie Duprat, who helped her during her illness. She had her journal sent to Armand after her death, explaining why she had made the choices she had. I think Dumas"s last few lines about Marguerite being the exception, not the rule were quite true, and I also agreed with his view that while her lifestyle could not be condoned, we as a society assume that all of these type of women are cold and heartless, while this may not always be the case. A person can make the wrong choices in life when they are young, and try to redeem themselves, but sometimes past situations prevent them from changing their lives, even though they desperately wish to do so. This applies to both men and women in many different types of circumstances: involvement in crime; drug or alcohol abuse; gambling; prostitution; financial problems; poor marriage choices; etc. And this is the fact, which exists in the whole society.

As far as the other characters in the book, I think Marguerite was right in saying that no one truly cared about her, but only wanted something from her, the only exceptions being Armand and Julie Duprat. Of course, the Comte de G. and Comte de N. wanted her body and appearance. The Duke needed to “wake up and smell the coffee” and realize that she could never replace his dead daughter. If he truly cared, he could have helped her leave her lifestyle without “keeping” her himself. And lastly, Prudence was a blood-sucking leech who used Marguerite almost worse than the men. I also think she was jealous of the fact that Marguerite had so much more courage than herself and someone truly loved her.

Last morning, when tiding my bookshelf, I took this book out of the shelf, and a dried flower flew away from the book. It was pale blue, very transparent, with thin fine veins. a dried flower flew away from the book. It was pale blue, very transparent, with thin fine veins. I held it against the morning light and blew on it. The soft breeze carried it away. Camille is just like the camellia, she could never escape from the destiny of withering. But it wasn’t her fault; it’s because of the evil of Capitalism and the hideousness of that society.

Suddenly, I remembered a saying: “Women are like the flowers”. Those pretty women are like those beautiful flowers; their delicate beauty makes people feel they are the miracle of life. However, even the God envies their beauty. It seems that beautiful women always have tragic endings. As we are normal persons, even we can see the hideousness of humanity that results in their fate of withering, we can at most ask quietly in our hearts: Where have those beautiful flowers gone? Where have they gone?

第五篇: 读后感的高中英语作文

Robinson Crusoe is a novel written by Daniel Defoe that was first published in 1719. This novel describes the legendary experience ofRobinson drifting on island, overcoming difficulties and his hard pioneering experience. He lived alone in a small island, so that he had to plant crops to feed himself and build log cabin to live in. He experienced various hardships and ultimately survived. But he still tried hard to come back to real world. After 28 years, he finally came back to England. This novel gives me some inspiration. It tells us that no matter how hard the situation is, we can"t give up and we must hold the view that we can do it.

第六篇: 读后感的高中英语作文

The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway’s most enduring works and may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and confirmed his power and presence in the literary world. Hemingway is also one of my favorite writers. Besides The Old Man And the Sea, I have read some of his other works, such as The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms and The Snow of Kilimanijaro. But The Old Man and the Sea is the one that left the deepest impression on me. This novel mainly wrote one old person alone in marine fishes. He fished one big fish, tied up the fish head and the upper part of the body side the boat above. But he met the shark fish, the old person causes all one"s skill and the shark fish fight, the shark fish the fish flesh which could eat all eats finished also has about 800 pounds. This book promulgates the truth, not showed the person how regardless of, most feared is does not have the confidence. The confidence is just like is the automobile motor, is power which the person goes forward. I first read this book when I was in my fifteens. And now I remember it just as well as if I had read it yesterday.